Corn Dogs For All!

I hope everyone is having an amazing first full week back. I can see from the response at Fresh Fest that the student body is back in full swing and excited for another year :)

Over the summer the Zoo staff have been wracking their brains on the best feature nights for students, and as if a beacon of light shone down on the most beautiful street meat vendor, the 50 cent corn dog night was born. homemade-corn-dog

We did not rest there folks, we reached deep down to the greatest idea we could muster. We took our corn dog idea, and added a game changer that I am almost too proud to announce: we added veggie dogs!

When, if ever, have you encountered a veggie corn dog in Lethbridge? It’s a thing, and they are also part of our Monday special now. I hope you all come to love the corn dog night as much as I do, I will see you all ready to rock some breaded weiner sticks come next Monday.

Millz out.

Must Be Friday

It’s Friday, which means my motivation level is about here:Sleepy Cat

But of course there is a lot in the works for awesomeness coming to campus in the fall! Including, but not limited to:
Fresh Fest Sept, 4th-6th
Club Rush Sept 8th-12th
Back to the Dirty Bingos Sept 19th
Stunt Magician performer Sept 26th
Rumble Night in the Zoo Oct 3rd (Theme Cab TBA by popular demand)
2nd Annual F*ck Cancer Party Oct 24th (more deets to come!)
Halloween Cab, 2 days of Frostbite and so much more!!

If you’re as stoked for the fall as I am and looking to get involved with the September kickoff, there are Fresh Fest volunteer spots still open! contact Brenna.scott @ for more deets on how to jump in the September kick off.

If you’re looking for more ways to make the best events on campus a reality then consider the Student Engagement Committee think tank. “SEC” is essentially the Guardians of the Partyverse on campus, and the backbone in building the most successful events to the year! Hit me up at su.studentaffairs @ for more details :)


BMO Keepin Fresh

Look at how nice it is outside today! BMO should have an excellent solar panel tan today :)  Image

With the Fresh Fest crew hard at work as we speak, Football and I will set up a lemonade stand outside to help everyone beat the heat! With all these lemons we found we should be able to freshin’ up an army!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine out there! Make sure to drink lots of water and slap on that sun skrizzle so you don’t fry your circuits! 

- This educational tid bit has been brought to you by the one and only SU BMO ;)

For more information on Fresh Fest click here!! Package Presales open up on June 7th :D

Overjoyed BMO

The life and times of overjoyed SU BMO

BMO Welcome

Adventure Log: Day one

I have arrived in my new office with co-habitant Student Affairs, Riley Miller. He is an odd officemate with an affinity for embarrassing Facebook games like Candy Crush and Farmville. I will have to work at swaying him to a higher grade of gaming during our time together here in the office.


BMO at workWhile Riley is out of the office I shall take over the ULSU updates, events and general social media with my wit that us game consoles are renowned for.

Here’s a joke, what do you call computer trail mix?
Bits & Bytes!

Or, how many PC’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?


Aren’t I hilarious?

In the event that I am away from the office I will leave Football in charge of all the updating, just have to teach him how to use the computer first.

FootballAny way I am off to a safari Adventure in our office plants. Be back soon to update you on my findings and new ULSU updates! adventure









VPSA Strategic Plan – The 4 C’s

Hey All!

First post here on the ‘ol “State of the Union”, but I wanted to show off a little bit of my plans for the fall in the hopes to peak interest and grab feedback from you all come class time again :)

I call this group of goals the 4 C’s, is it tacky? Absolutely, but most things that stick are always a little tacky ;)

1. Communication
As the VP Student Affairs, it is my duty to broadcast a large set of information to the greater student population. I aim to cater the necessary information about events, club initiatives and student services on campus in the easiest way to digest.
Infographs will be a huge part of my Club Handbook Breakdown initiative which aims to compress the crucial club building blocks for students to read easier. It will act as a club info breakdown for key points like: where to find clubs, how to get involved in club activities, how to make a club, how to apply for grants, how to apply to paint a mural ect.
In advertising our own events I plan to work with our Communications Coordinator closely to utilize all our marketing assets and outlets. With a larger stress on social media utilization I hope to be able to branch into our web sources and get event awareness out to students more effectively.

2. Collaboration
We as students help shape the overall student experience, much of what we get out of our time here at the UofL directly correlates with the time put into shaping it. As the manager and communicator of club operations on campus I hope to work closely with the resources we have here on campus, aka clubs, and build mutual event relationships to pull off even larger events than we could make possible just ourselves.
One such initiative I started when DJSAL was formed, the main goal being to support clubs on campus in need of music with the large presence of willing DJs to perform. In turn we gave the DJs the tools to perform and started the building blocks off the event performing experience. This year I aim to show off clubs that constantly support student events and match up clubs that can benefit from a symbiotic relationship.

3. Clubs
This pillar is an extension of my previous initiative which is aiming to support clubs working together, as well as help clubs explore all their own options when organizing personal events or fundraisers. I plan on bringing my past knowledge and experience to the table for each event discussion as a way to help clubs be the best they can be.
Last year we had approximately 63 fully ratified clubs, all with amazing ideas and organization goals. This leads to plenty of outlets for students to build community, make change and shape experience. I’m here to help guide that process and direct those ideas in the right direction for both new and current clubs.

4. Consistency
This is by far the simplest, but most important factor of my goals I’ve set forth and quite simply, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. We have seen an amazing growth for events on campus, some with ideas that work and some ideas that do not. I plan to assess the events we’ve put forth in the past, kick out what did not work and build on what did.
Fresh Fest last year was a HUGE success, and it was a combination of an amazing team with a spice of new ideas that pulled off one of the largest Fresh Festivals to date. Being part of the team last year I plan to look again at what we did and what we can do better to build up the AWE and add in SOME extra ;)

If you have any questions, ideas or plans you would like to run by me please feel free to hit me up on:

Looking forward to a year that is going to be Legen-
wait for it…


External Policies: What Are They?

If you read the title of this post, and are still reading, I commend you and your steadfastness. The purpose of this post is to give you a little more of an insight into what exactly the ULSU External Policies are, as well as to not so subtly plug the Advocacy Advisory Committee which develops them.

First off, what are External Policies? Well, they are documents which state the position of our organization, at least in relation to things within the realm of the governance decisions of the University of Lethbridge or the actions of different levels of government. These documents give our advocates positions from which to present their arguments for things such as why tuition should be capped at CPI, for instance. These, alongside the policies of CAUS and CASA, the two lobby organizations of which we are a part of, allow us to have more meat in our arguments when we discuss post-secondary issues with decision-makers. Furthermore, it provides organizational continuity, as least in the beliefs of the organization relating to post-secondary advocacy, and, in many cases, it takes multiple years of advocating on something in order for that change to be implemented, making these policy statements absolutely vital.

So how can you help?

The ULSU has a committee charged with advocacy, known as the Advocacy Advisory Committee. It’s main roles are to create and maintain our external policy statements, as well as to assist the Vice-President External and President in other efforts, such as campaigns. And, anyone can join it! Students at large are welcome, and in fact, highly sought after! If you enjoy being a part of the creation of policy, have a love of lobbying, or really enjoy putting on campaigns, then this is the ULSU committee for you.


Contact me at, or stop by my office in SU180.

ULSU 2013 T-shirt Design Contest!

The ULSU 2013 T-shirt Design Contest is happening now! The submissions were narrowed down to the top three, which are up on Facebook for voting. After October 31st, the designs will be awarded first, second, and third place, based on Facebook likes.

Follow the link to see the designs and to cast your vote:

The Importance of Getting Involved

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

This quote from Gandhi is more true today than ever before, because we have so many more ways of communicating today then we have ever had. I also believe that a lot more people are striving to make the changes they want to see in the world (or on campus). 

We at the Students’ Union want our students to communicate and get involved with our organizations as much as possible. We have a lot of excellent options for students to get involved. The easiest and one of the best programs we offer through the Students’ Union is our volunteer core. This is a mailing list that students can sign up for and they will receive emails of when the Students’ Union requires volunteers and students decide if they are available and respond. We also send out requests for volunteers from internal university groups and the Lethbridge community. 

We have several committees that students can join as well, which would be a step up from simply being a casual volunteer. There is:

The Advocacy Advisory Committee:

- This committee focuses on advocacy at the municipal, provincial, and federal level. It will be especially exciting this year with the potential opening of the post-secondary learning act. The committee really focuses on our two lobby groups the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS). The students on our committee will help us flag significant issues that our students at the University of Lethbridge have and guide us on our external policy development.

The Student Engagement Committee:

-This committee was created to help aid the VP Student Affairs and VP Academic with ensuring that they are organizing events that our students want to see on campus. It has really developed into an engagement committee as well, which allows us to better engage our students and work on different communication strategies. If you are into organizing events or have an idea of how we can better engage our student population this is definitely the committee for you! 

Another great option for engaging with the students’ union is by joining a club or another student driven organization like the Women’s Centre, LPIRG, or CKXU. If you want to learn more about clubs I encourage you to download the ULSU App and check out the Clubs section. If you are interested in learning about other groups on campus feel free to contact me!

Here at the ULSU we do understand that committees are not necessarily an avenue of choice for everyone. I encourage you to hold us accountable by engaging with us on any avenue you are most comfortable with. Whether that is stopping by the office and voicing your opinion directly, emailing me at, or voicing any comments/concerns via social media I encourage you to do so. We are always listening and we want to ensure we are representing all of our students. 


Shuna Talbot- President


Summer Advocacy

Summer Advocacy

Now that we are all (mostly) settled back into the grind of things, I thought that I would bore you all with an update on the ULSU’s advocacy efforts over the summer. I’m kidding! It’s actually going to be really exciting. You are a very lucky person to be reading this article!

As you may be aware, there were some cuts to post-secondary education by the provincial Conservative government this past spring, this meant that May to June was an incredibly busy time for Shuna and myself. We put in a lot of miles all around Southern Alberta meeting with pretty much every MLA in the region. We were lucky enough to travel to such exotic locales as Medicine Hat, meeting with Wild Rose MLAs Drew Barnes and Blake Pedersen, as well as staying closer to home and meeting with Ian Donovan (WR), Gary Bikman (WR), Bridget Pastoor (C), Greg Weadick (C), as well as getting a meeting with Pat Stier (WR) for next week. But definitely, the most exciting thing this summer for our provincial advocacy had to be the opportunity to sit down with the leaders of the NDP (Brian Mason), and the Liberals (Raj Sherman). We can certainly say that by and large, many of the things that we have pushed for, such as MNIF regulation have been very warmly accepted by those we have met with, and some very good progress has been made indeed.

Federally, we have been able to meet with Jim Hillyer (C), who is the MP for Lethbridge, and LaVar Payne (C), who is the MP for Medicine Hat. Both Jim and LaVar agreed with us on the necessity for greater exemptions, such as for in-study income with the CSLP (Canada Student Loan Plan). Further to that, Jim was extremely supportive of our ask relating to the PSSSP (Post-Secondary Student Support Program).

Municipally, we will have met with all three mayoral candidates by this Friday, as well as several of the candidates for City Councilor. We have also made a very concerted push for an advanced polling station on campus, as well as making sure that transit is an important issue for ALL candidates running in the upcoming election.

As we move into early fall, keep an eye out for several events coming up, namely: the Danielle Smith – Brian Mason Debate on September 26th at 7pm in the Zoo Ballrooms, A municipal election engagement campaign in early-mid October, and a CASA (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, the federal lobby group we are a part of) Canada-wide campaign on student debt happening in mid to late October.

Don’t forget to stop by the table tomorrow during Rush Week! We are giving away a ton of free swag!