Elephant in the Room On Campus


As some of you may or may not know, over the last few years, a campaign started, and maintained by Mood Disorders Canada called Elephant in the Room has been sweeping across the nation, and the post-secondary institutions within it.  The campaign is simple, no person suffering from mental health problems should ever have to feel lesser or feel shame for seeking help.  There should be no stigma associated with mental health.  Unfortunately, at present, people suffering from mental health issues are still faced with stigma, which prevents them from seeking the help that they need.

Elephant in the Room aims to change that.

Everywhere you go that you see a blue elephant signifies that that area is a “Stigma Free Zone” somewhere that anyone can go and seek help, or simply talk about what is bothering them.

The ULSU held a launch for Elephant in the Room during Mental Health Week in partnership with Counselling Services, the second last week of January, and since then have been contacting departments and groups around the University who might be interested in participating in the campaign.  The aim is to one day ensure that anywhere a student goes, they can seek, and get the help that they may require.  We’ve started with 30 elephants, but it looks like we’re going to need more.  Keep an eye out for the elephants, the posters, and the pamphlets around campus.  Spread the word, the best way for this campaign to work is for everyone to know what these little blue elephants mean.  And hopefully one day we’ll reach a point where everyone on the campus will feel safe and secure enough to shed the stigma surrounding mental health.

Frostbite is on the horizon!

Frostbite Banner

The second annual Frostbite is just around the corner people, and that means we’ve got a whole lotta awesome on its way. Our spring semester welcome back is ready to set the tone for you and your friends, with tons of prizes, swag and more entertainment than you could shake a stick at.

Day one includes a RailJam to be held on the UofL campus where participants in the rail jam will compete against each other for special gear & cash prizing.

Ski and Snowboarding Rider Registration opens January 7, 2015 for those who wish to participate in the Rail Jam’s competiton. Sign-up will be in the SU office during our office hours leading up to the day of the event (20$). The competition will span from 12pm-4pm and is free to watch!

Boxes/Rails will be set-up in the Grove where participants can unleash their true talents in front of the judges panel. The grounds will have live DJs, a panel of judges, beer gardens and food trucks!

Every skill level is encouraged to compete, boxes/rails featured are do-able for any rider.

After the Jam has come to a close we will be opening up the Zoo at 9PM to throw a one of a kind Pumpkin Spiced Latte Cabaret (PSLC). The PSLC will showcase DJs, lasers, custom PSLC decorations and a huge amounts of prizes going out to the most creative and hilarious costumes. Stumped on ideas a PSLC get-up? Come in all orange! We’ll make the spiciest sea of orange dance floor this side of the western seaboard.

Entry to the PSLC is free entry with proof of a Neon Chalet ticket purchase, and can be used as a punch pass for entry into the night. Without a ticket entry is $5 so jump on those concert tickets while supplies last!
Example Ticket
mock frostbite concert ticket

Jan 17th is all about our Neon Chalet Shaker going down in the Zoo; with more Jellies, Scrunchies and flashback ski jackets than seen in Saved By The Bell.

Band Line-Up:
9:00pm – 10:00pm – DJ BMAC

10:15pm – 11:15pm – Rougies Clique

11:30pm – 12:30am – Shred Kelly

12:45am – 2:00am – Announcing Soon

Concert tickets are $20 and also includes free entry into the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cabaret after the rail jam, or you can go for gold with our fully loaded Cold Packs for $40

Cold Packs Include:
– Custom Frostbite Buff Face Masks
– Frost Bite Concert Ticket
– PSLC Pass
– Custom clear blue Frostbite Shades
– ULSU Snowball Stressballs
– Thunder sticks
– Custom blue Frostbite drawstring bags

And More!

We can’t wait to see everyone out for a perfect way to kick off the second semester.!!!

Grab your tickets HERE

For questions or to get more involved behind the scenes please message:
Riley Miller
VP Student Affairs

Market Modifier Tuition Increases

By Now you may have heard about Tuition Increases and Market Modifiers which might happen at the UofL, so if you are a student at the UofL, or at any post-secondary institution in Alberta here are a few things you might want to know:

What is a Market Modifier?
A Market Modifier is a Tuition Increase directed at a specific faculty, such increases are meant to bring costs in line with costs for similar programs at competing University’s.
Market Modifiers, also known as Tuition Disparity Increases were last used in Alberta during the 2009/2010 Academic Year, under then Minister of Advanced Education, Doug Horner. At the time the Minister promised that this would be the last time Market Modifiers would ever be used in Alberta.

Fast forward to today and institutions across the province were recently asked by the province to submit a fresh round of proposals for Market Modifiers across the province. These proposals were submitted during the week of October 15th and are now being considered by the ministry of Advanced Education.

I don’t want a Tuition Increase, what can I do?
If you want to get involved with the ULSU’s efforts to fight these protests please stop by our table if you have not already, we will be in the SU Atrium for all of next week. There are petitions and pre-formatted letters that can be sent to your MLA, the Minister of Advanced Education, Don Scott, and the Premier, Jim Prentice, which you can sign at our table, or download at home for your own use. To sign our online petition, follow this link. If you have other suggestions, please stop by the office to talk with one of us, or comment below

The ULSU stands against both proposals submitted by the University of Lethbridge. Below you can find more details on the proposals and our stance.

1.”Management Market Modifier”

This market modifier will be grandfathered in, and will affect any students registering or transferring into the Faculty of Management after April 1st, 2015. The fee will be $100/management course for students registered in the Faculty of Management, with the fee increasing to $125/management course the following year, and finally $150/management course the year after that. This represents a cost of thousands of dollars to students looking to take a Management Degree, and , in addition, it limits accessibility to all majors within the Faculty. Different specializations, such as Accounting or Human Resources have different numbers of required management courses, resulting in certain Management Degrees becoming more expensive than others. Furthermore, we were only notified of this proposals with mere days to go before the deadline for government submission, while the Faculty was not informed at all, and the University did not specify what in the Faculty of Management the additional income would support. In the past, market modifiers implemented at other Universities have seen the majority of funds raised be put into Operating, and not the Faculty they were supposed to fund. Given that University of Lethbridge Administration has no current vision for how to use these funds, the ULSU is concerned that, if approved, these funds will not be used appropriately

2. “Tuition Disparity”

This proposal seeks to implement a tuition increase of $10/course, beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year for every student regardless of major and faculty. This will not be grandfathered in. The fee is set to “ramp” up for the two subsequent years; $20/course, and finally $30/course. That represents an additional $300 on top of what you are currently paying, given two five course semesters. Keep in mind that as of last year, you are also paying hundreds of dollars extra in Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees, which were increased from $12.50/course to $37.50/course in 2013-2014. This is, in fact, not a true market modifier, according to the definition that the government has provided, but a general tuition increase.



F*ck Cancer Just Around The Corner!

Our feature artist has been announced for the 2nd Annual F*ck Cancer fundraiser!

Lucky Date is a heavy hitting progressive house artist and remixer who’s drawn attention and endorsement from David Guetta, Tommy Lee, Porter Robinson, Excision and more.

Accompanying Lucky Date that night will also be two locals: Illegal Frequencies & Millz Skillz

Fuck Cancer

For those who don’t know about F*ck Cancer, This is how it works:

– Tickets for the event are in the form of T-SHIRTS. (Must wear T-SHIRT to gain entrance into the venue )


– In order to get into the party you NEED to be wearing your t-shirt AND you must bring your ticket.

This event is raising money for 8 different types of cancer.

LUNG = White
COLON = Royal Blue
PROSTATE= Light Blue

Price: $25
Sizes: S-M-L-XL

T-shirts and tickets are available at the Bookstore on the UofL Campus! For any event inquiries please contact:

Riley Miller: 403-329-5155

Can’t wait to see you all there!! To RSVP for the event and stay up to date as we get closer check out our FB Event Page HERE

Craziness Continues

Fourth week of September and holding strong I hope! The studies are picking up and we are encroaching on our first month behind us on campus here, how neat is that!?

Moving forward we still have some amazing social events going down weekly that you may enjoy, including:

– Kenny vs Spenny 50% tickets, only available to students at the SU office until Wednesday.

– We have Stunt Magician, Wes Barker, performing this Friday from 6 to 10pm FOR FREE! First come, First serve.
Wes: https://www.facebook.com/events/263731427083777/

wes and trev sab

– Lastly on my list today we have the 2nd Annual F*ck Cancer going on October 16th! Super special artist announcement coming up in the next couple days that you won’t want to miss. Stay up to date with the link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/653606061404694/</>


You may recognize them from Much Music’s Video on Trial, but comedians Sabrina Jalees and Trevor Boris are coming to The Zoo for their Sexuality & Diversity tour October 22nd! The keynote starts at 7pm, and after at 8:30pm they switch gears for their comedy set! Grab more details at the link below:
Trevor & Sabrina: https://www.facebook.com/events/1478849912394676/

– Last but not least, we’ve got our Rumble Night series coming up next week in the zoo on Friday. Our first kick off is our Western Rumble night, so swing on by next Friday to shake it to some country vibes ;)


Corn Dogs For All!

I hope everyone is having an amazing first full week back. I can see from the response at Fresh Fest that the student body is back in full swing and excited for another year :)

Over the summer the Zoo staff have been wracking their brains on the best feature nights for students, and as if a beacon of light shone down on the most beautiful street meat vendor, the 50 cent corn dog night was born. homemade-corn-dog

We did not rest there folks, we reached deep down to the greatest idea we could muster. We took our corn dog idea, and added a game changer that I am almost too proud to announce: we added veggie dogs!

When, if ever, have you encountered a veggie corn dog in Lethbridge? It’s a thing, and they are also part of our Monday special now. I hope you all come to love the corn dog night as much as I do, I will see you all ready to rock some breaded weiner sticks come next Monday.

Millz out.

Must Be Friday

It’s Friday, which means my motivation level is about here:Sleepy Cat

But of course there is a lot in the works for awesomeness coming to campus in the fall! Including, but not limited to:
Fresh Fest Sept, 4th-6th
Club Rush Sept 8th-12th
Back to the Dirty Bingos Sept 19th
Stunt Magician performer Sept 26th
Rumble Night in the Zoo Oct 3rd (Theme Cab TBA by popular demand)
2nd Annual F*ck Cancer Party Oct 24th (more deets to come!)
Halloween Cab, 2 days of Frostbite and so much more!!

If you’re as stoked for the fall as I am and looking to get involved with the September kickoff, there are Fresh Fest volunteer spots still open! contact Brenna.scott @ uleth.ca for more deets on how to jump in the September kick off.

If you’re looking for more ways to make the best events on campus a reality then consider the Student Engagement Committee think tank. “SEC” is essentially the Guardians of the Partyverse on campus, and the backbone in building the most successful events to the year! Hit me up at su.studentaffairs @ uleth.ca for more details :)


BMO Keepin Fresh

Look at how nice it is outside today! BMO should have an excellent solar panel tan today :)  Image

With the Fresh Fest crew hard at work as we speak, Football and I will set up a lemonade stand outside to help everyone beat the heat! With all these lemons we found we should be able to freshin’ up an army!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine out there! Make sure to drink lots of water and slap on that sun skrizzle so you don’t fry your circuits! 

– This educational tid bit has been brought to you by the one and only SU BMO ;)

For more information on Fresh Fest click here!! Package Presales open up on June 7th :D

Overjoyed BMO

The life and times of overjoyed SU BMO

BMO Welcome

Adventure Log: Day one

I have arrived in my new office with co-habitant Student Affairs, Riley Miller. He is an odd officemate with an affinity for embarrassing Facebook games like Candy Crush and Farmville. I will have to work at swaying him to a higher grade of gaming during our time together here in the office.


BMO at workWhile Riley is out of the office I shall take over the ULSU updates, events and general social media with my wit that us game consoles are renowned for.

Here’s a joke, what do you call computer trail mix?
Bits & Bytes!

Or, how many PC’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?


Aren’t I hilarious?

In the event that I am away from the office I will leave Football in charge of all the updating, just have to teach him how to use the computer first.

FootballAny way I am off to a safari Adventure in our office plants. Be back soon to update you on my findings and new ULSU updates! adventure









VPSA Strategic Plan – The 4 C’s

Hey All!

First post here on the ‘ol “State of the Union”, but I wanted to show off a little bit of my plans for the fall in the hopes to peak interest and grab feedback from you all come class time again :)

I call this group of goals the 4 C’s, is it tacky? Absolutely, but most things that stick are always a little tacky ;)

1. Communication
As the VP Student Affairs, it is my duty to broadcast a large set of information to the greater student population. I aim to cater the necessary information about events, club initiatives and student services on campus in the easiest way to digest.
Infographs will be a huge part of my Club Handbook Breakdown initiative which aims to compress the crucial club building blocks for students to read easier. It will act as a club info breakdown for key points like: where to find clubs, how to get involved in club activities, how to make a club, how to apply for grants, how to apply to paint a mural ect.
In advertising our own events I plan to work with our Communications Coordinator closely to utilize all our marketing assets and outlets. With a larger stress on social media utilization I hope to be able to branch into our web sources and get event awareness out to students more effectively.

2. Collaboration
We as students help shape the overall student experience, much of what we get out of our time here at the UofL directly correlates with the time put into shaping it. As the manager and communicator of club operations on campus I hope to work closely with the resources we have here on campus, aka clubs, and build mutual event relationships to pull off even larger events than we could make possible just ourselves.
One such initiative I started when DJSAL was formed, the main goal being to support clubs on campus in need of music with the large presence of willing DJs to perform. In turn we gave the DJs the tools to perform and started the building blocks off the event performing experience. This year I aim to show off clubs that constantly support student events and match up clubs that can benefit from a symbiotic relationship.

3. Clubs
This pillar is an extension of my previous initiative which is aiming to support clubs working together, as well as help clubs explore all their own options when organizing personal events or fundraisers. I plan on bringing my past knowledge and experience to the table for each event discussion as a way to help clubs be the best they can be.
Last year we had approximately 63 fully ratified clubs, all with amazing ideas and organization goals. This leads to plenty of outlets for students to build community, make change and shape experience. I’m here to help guide that process and direct those ideas in the right direction for both new and current clubs.

4. Consistency
This is by far the simplest, but most important factor of my goals I’ve set forth and quite simply, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. We have seen an amazing growth for events on campus, some with ideas that work and some ideas that do not. I plan to assess the events we’ve put forth in the past, kick out what did not work and build on what did.
Fresh Fest last year was a HUGE success, and it was a combination of an amazing team with a spice of new ideas that pulled off one of the largest Fresh Festivals to date. Being part of the team last year I plan to look again at what we did and what we can do better to build up the AWE and add in SOME extra ;)

If you have any questions, ideas or plans you would like to run by me please feel free to hit me up on: su.studentaffairs@uleth.ca

Looking forward to a year that is going to be Legen-
wait for it…